MDU Solution

FTTH Cabling concept in MDU

Korea Gimpo Jayeon & Hill State , KOREA (2012)


The new residential building developer was required to meet the government compliance called “Korea Emblem System (In-building wiring system)” This program was created to guarantee bandwidth for each residents of the building.

Moreover, the residents had the rights to choose their own operators. Therefore, it was challenging for the developer to establish the infrastructure and to satisfy the multiple networks provider needs.

The FTTH MDU solution had to be designed with the capability to make each providers building their own network and to embrace “IBS (Intelligent Building System)” solution for their passive network.

For building a new business complex, an optimized fiber pathway was a MUST. The developer had  already installed a 4 inches duct with four 1.25 inch sub-ducts (OD 31mm). In order to maximize the capacity of cable, microduct solution was used. 

Used Products

Results and Conclusion

  • KNET’s 7 way Direct Install configuration could make the developer satisfy 3 BSPs (Broadband Service Providers) for their own segmented pathway. (more than CCTV surveillance) Additionally, they had extra three pathway for the future demands. (3+1+3)
  • The residents were able to choose the service from their favorite providers. From the developer’s side, there was no additional investment needed later in the expansion, which was beyond the cost of the initial microduct installation
  • The extra tube for the future expansion made it possible for building IBS System in a timely manner
  • KNET’s microduct products had the maximum capacity with small spaces in IDF which could make it possible to have the efficient applicable MDF, IDF and vertical conduit.