Ducted System

Installation of fiber pathway using existing ducted system

Business Park New Development - Costa Rica – 2015


The Business park was just 60mins away from the ports(Air/Sea) in Costa Rica.

For building a new business complex, an optimized fiber pathway was a MUST. The developer had  already installed a 4 inches duct with four 1.25 inch sub-ducts (OD 31mm). In order to maximize the capacity of cable, microduct solution was used. 

Used Products ad Trenching Method

Results and Conclusion

  • The microduct solution were chosen due to its ability to use an existing duck system without having to open the trench ; “thus saving the overall costs.”
  • Because KNET had more than one option for the microduct configuration, it was possible to choose 12 way for the backbone and 4 way for the drop
  • KNET’s various configurations enabled customers to choose the right tube size upon the  fiber size. The OD of 8 core is 2.0 mm which fits in smaller size of tube 5/3.5mm.