Connectivity Products


MDU/SDU Solution
KNET passive connectivity solution enables to fast fiber connection throughout the Building & House. Reduce the Installation time by guarantee high quality and performance
Solution Feature
  • Push cable and related connectivity can be applicable.
  • Pre-installed Duct and Pre-Connectorized cable can be combined
  • Mid-span solution and Flame retardant material.
Here are the products
High capacity and compact size street cabinet, Optical Distribution Frame, Plastic manhole, Splice Closure (Dome & Rectangular type), PLC Splitter, Optical outlet, Optical patch cord, Field assembled connector

Aerial Solution
KNET aerial connectivity solution is designed for an optimized deployment of FTTH access networks. It can be customized based on customer
requirements for complicated last mile.
Solution Feature
  • Various options are available upon site condition
  • More Robust and durable product
  • Various Fitting product can be provided upon customer request

Drop push Solution
KNET specially design Push cable with factory ferruled
connector. Besides, All related passive components can be provided to maximize push solution
Solution Feature
  • Fast and easy Installation with push cable and its suitable Microduct.
  • Pre-Connectorized option can be applicable
  • Push performance is guaranteed

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