KNET - Microduct offers a broad range of products to meet the many different deployment scenarios facing global telecom carriers. The products are designed to enable carriers to bring fiber optic service to business and residential customers with greater speed and efficiency while dramatically reducing carrier deployment costs and disruption to existing roadways and landscaping.




Internationally Certified

KNET has met and maintains the rigorous standards required to become a Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL9000 manufacturer. KNET Microduct Assemblies has been rigorously tested by Telcordia Technologies and found to be compliant to Telcordia GR-3155-CORE.

TL9000 KSA telcordia

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Advantages of Microduct Technology
over Traditional Cabling Outlays

KNET Blulight microduct fiber pathway provides a permanent installation that satisfies your immediate fiber communication requirements and leaves sufficient pathway for future expansions. Any moves, adds or changes in the fiber network are quickly accommodated utilizing the KNET fiber pathway and accessories

Rapid, safe and smooth installation with air blowing methods

ABC installations are done by an air blowing technique that reduces the risk of damage to the fiber cable, accelerates installation time and increases the installation distance.